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Prepare Your Pre-Schooler for Winter Part 2

Last time we covered the info needed to choose effective winter hats, mittens, coats, and scarves for our kids. It's time to prepare to purchase the boots and snow pants!

The two most common styles of snow pants are bib and regular waist snow pants. Regular, slip-on waisted snow pants are sometimes called snowboard pants.

How do you decide which to buy for your preschooleras you prepare for another Burnsville winter? These hints might help:

Which is better...bib or regular snow pants?

  1. Bibs work better to keep the snow from getting inside the snow pants if the snow gets up under the coat. Kids love to crawl and roll around in the snow so this feature can be huge.

  2. Regular snow pants are easy to for your child to put on and do not include the risk that the zipper will break before the winter is over as can happen with the bibs.

  3. Waisted snow pants can become "high waters" before the winter is over. As with the coats, remember that your child will likely grow in the 6 months of winter. Bib pants can be more forgiving of growth because the straps can be adjusted all the way out to the longest length as the season progresses.

  4. Whichever pants you chose, as with the coat and hat, have your child dress himself at the store when purchasing. Not only do the snow pants need to fit his body with winter clothes on, but the snow pants need to allow easy movement under the coat while the coat is zipped.

  5. So, like the coat and hats, test the fabric next to the coat lining to be sure the fabrics complement each other. When trying on the snow pants at the store, be sure your child wears long winter pants. Snow pants can be frustrating for a preschooler working hard to dress herself when the snow pants lining fabric won't slide easily over the winter pants.

  6. Zipper at the ankle: good idea? The zippered ankle does allow the child to easily fit the snow pants over boots. But the effect can be short lived when continued snow play jams the zipper making it difficult to slide.

Boots: laced, pull-on, Velcro?

  1. Velcro tabs are easy for a preschooler to fasten, but a few months of playing in the snow often makes the Velcro not stick anymore.

  2. Most preschoolers are not able to tie shoes laces so the laced boots can be a real challenge, but generally laced boots are the tightest and keep snow out.

  3. Pull-on boots are easy to slide on. The tradeoff is that unless the top of the boot can be tightened with a pull string, snow can get into the pull on easily. Cold feet can hamper outdoor fun.

  4. No matter which boot you chose, have the child try on the boots with complete snow pants and coat on. You want to be sure the snow pant legs fit over the boot to keep snow from getting in the boot tops. Getting boots on with snow pants and coat on is very different than trying on boots over summer pants. Make sure all the clothing is flexible enough that your preschooler can bend over to put the boots on.

  5. Size: while we are all tempted to buy a big bigger size in anticipation of feet growing, that is not always the best idea. Preschoolers tend to drag their feet if the boot is too large. This gets in the way of play and often the dragging on the ground causes the sole of the boot to wear out and moisture gets in.

Preparing for a Lakeville winter play can seem like a lot of work for parents, but what a wonderful gift you are giving the kids. They are set up for success with dressing competency and they are able to have hours and hours of winter fun in the snow!


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