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Play helps kids in college?

"When we deny young children play, we are denying them the right to understand the world" - Erika Christakis, MEd, MPH and Nicholas Christakis, PhD, Harvard University.

The quote above is from the Opinion Page of the CNN website. I love this article. The authors are an early childhood teacher and a professor of medicine and sociology at Harvard.

Parents in the United States feel so much pressure to be sure that their child is "learning" in childcare and have all the data/facts needed for success in kindergarten. This pressure is coming generally from popular media with headlines weekly about the poor progress of school children in America or how difficult kindergarten is for the children "not prepared". And, of course, our culture is so concerned that our children can't "keep up" and indeed beat "the standards" that parents cannot avoid being inundated with inaccurate information about ways to make sure their child "has an edge".

Please take the time to read this short, thoughtful article about the direct connection between success in college and the life skills taught thru play. Impulse control and the ability to make meaning of what they see...that is, connect the dots....are both critical to college success.

See how these authors describe how this learning happens in play-based curriculum compared to skills-based curriculum. As you might guess, the authors use one of my favorite terms, "kill and drill".

Here is the link, enjoy. - Want to get your kids into college? Let them play


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