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Are Your Kids Ready for the Holidays?

Uh, what? Aren't all kids really, really ready for Christmas? Waiting with baited breath? Counting the days?

Of course they are looking forward to it...but are they ready? Getting kids ready for Christmas is much like getting them ready for school every year. The basics are the same and the working hard to implement them will go a long way toward a richer holiday season experience and few meltdowns.

The list is short but important:

1. Get a good night's sleep. Not just all the days leading up to the Big Day, but even the days right around the holiday. Kids need all their resources operating at a high function to be able to get the most out of the all the fun times.

2. Eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet. We know there is a ton of goodies everywhere we take our families during the holidays. Their need for protein, good carbs, and good fat doesn't diminish just because the regular routine is set aside. Try to make sure they eat often and eat GOOD food. Then the sugar rush of all the treats won't be so strong and if they are already well satisfied, they will be less likely to over-do the sweets.

3. Plan ahead so you can monitor and control the stimuli. Kids want to experience it all. They totally connect with the special preparations going on at home. They are also being inundated daily with increase activity at school or daycare. Add to that, the increased emphasis on holiday fun, the expectations of holiday fun, the constant bombardment of ads for toys and electronic games with all the bells and whistles they receive during TV and computer time and it can all be overwhelming. Kids do not have well developed filtering systems. Kids don't know they are becoming overwhelmed and over taxed. It's parents', teachers', and caregivers' job to regulate how much the child is exposed to and make some executive decisions about how much frenzy each child can handle.

4. Keep up the normal amount of daily physical activity. It can be difficult with family schedules crammed so full at this time of year and the cold weather most of us live with, but the benefit of fresh air, open ended outdoor, child-directed play, and the comfort of doing the familiar activity is worth the trade offs. Anyone who has been stuck indoors with antsy kids knows how much kids need the outdoor play, it just takes focused plans to make it happen at holiday time.

Keeping the structure of the normal routine helps us all enjoy the holidays more. We humans really like routine and consistency.


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