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How Much is Too Much?

We all want to create magical and most of all, memorable Christmases for our kids. We can envision them as adults telling us of their wonderful recollections of Christmases we provided ....right down to the perfect weather, the perfect gatherings, and most of all, the perfect gifts they received!

And we've all heard time and again that it's not about the presents, it's about family, the traditions, etc. But seriously, we still really, really stress about presents for the kids...big-time.

So how to temper our drive to make sure they have the "perfect" presents?

A really effective way to not get caught up in the drama is to plan ahead of course. Not about THE presents themselves, but what criteria the presents must meet to be the "perfect" ones for our kids. A parent shared this philosophy with me years ago and I truly think it stands the test of time:

Every kid needs 5 presents for Christmas:

  1. A gift to read
  2. A gift they want
  3. A gift they need
  4. A gift to wear
  5. A gift they need, but don't know they need.

How simple...perfectly simple.


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