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Terre's Child Care Blog

Welcome to Terre's blog on all things related to chid care. The scope of the blog will always be related to child care but the topics will vary from current events to philsophical examinations of early childhood development theroies.

sharing or playingAre We Sharing or Playing?

So many times we hear parents (and ourselves) caution a toddler or preschooler to "share" or "share nicely". Is that a logical expectation of toddler or preschooler? Let's take a look in our latest blog post.


Day care presentsPresents - How much is too much?

We all want to create magical and most of all, memorable Christmases for our kids. We can envision them as adults telling us of their wonderful recollections of Christmases we provided... right down to the perfect weather, the perfect gatherings, and most of all, the perfect gifts they received!


kids at christmasAre Your Kids Ready for the Holidays?

Of course they are looking forward to it...but are they ready? Getting kids ready for Christmas is much like getting them ready for school every year. The basics are the same and the working hard to implement them will go a long way toward a richer holiday season experience and few meltdowns.


Mixed ages at daycarePlay During Childhood Impacts College

Please take the time to read this short, thoughtful article about the direct connection between success in college and the life skills taught thru play. Impulse control and the ability to make meaning of what they see...that is, connect the dots....are both critical to college success.


Mixed ages at daycareWhy I like Mixed-Age Child Care

The younger children get to learn by watching the "big kids". Infants and young children observe and learn 24/7. Being in the same play space with the pre-K crowd provides education about large muscle activity, fine motor skills, life skills, and most of all fantasy play.


Randy from A Christmas StoryPrepare Your Pre-schooler for Winter

Despite the current heat wave we will all be buying winter garb for our kids very soon. To be sure winter is fun and creates an experience that helps your preschooler grow and become confident about his own competency, here are some tips about what you can do to make winter a success (or at least less stressful) and set your child up for success.


preschooler snow pantsPrepare Your Pre-schooler for Winter Part 2

Last time we covered the info needed to choose effective winter hats, mittens, coats, and scarves for our kids. In part tow of our winter series, it's time to get ready to purchase the boots and snow pants!


Thirty years in child care ribbonCelebrating Thirty Years in Business!

Terre's Tots Child Care located in Burnsville, MN is celebrating 30 years in business this year. I opened the doors to my in-home daycare to the community in 1983. It was in 1980 that I founded Terre's Tots, but it wasn't until 1983 that I moved my operation to a residence specifically designed and built for providing child care .



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